It's a great skill to mind your own business

From my book, Too Much at Twenty One: In a socially over-connected world, the toughest job is to mind your own business. Nowadays, we have many people interested in our affairs. Our interest in other people’s affairs is equally high. We are excessively connected and unreasonably interested. We are talking useless things and wasting time. I feel gossip is as dangerous as global warming - its melting down a lot of potential positive changes that could happen.

I summon it a skill to mind one’s own business. A skill must be learned and mastered. These days, you can go a long way into the affairs of known and unknown people. People are readily open to share their lives, give suggestions, comment, argue, gossip and backbite. It is so amusing to poke your nose into other people’s business. A purposeful person minds his own business and is careful to do it every day. The inability to mind your own business proves your lack of vision, purpose, goal, dedication and discipline.

It's a great skill to mind your own business.

Inclusive Leadership: An example from a Corporation School in Trichy

What does it take to make a difference? A Corporation school in Tiruchirappalli inspired me to write this article. The school has set a standard for other schools as to what a team of positive people can do. This article is based on the report published in The Hindu, titled With smart classrooms and Facebook page, this Tiruchirappalli Corporation school is sought after.

You can have a look at the original report so you understand the depth of my analysis. The report starts with saying that the school is equipped with good infrastructure, cheerful atmosphere and committed teachers. Achieving this was not easy for the management. Let's look into their formula:

  1. Several teachers contribute funds from their own salaries for the betterment of the infrastructure regularly. Money doesn't grow on trees. Investment is crucial for growth. How amazing to note that people sacrificed their salaries for the school's sake.
  2. The school's teachers appointed a new teacher for teaching Communicative English to the students. For this, the teachers paid from their own pockets. This is what we call 'initiative.'
  3. The headmistress created a Facebook Page for the school, through which many people connect with the management and also provide help and send contributions. This is a brilliant demonstration of inclusive leadership.

Other than these, there are several positive mentioned in the report about this school. The greatest lesson I learnt is that when you take initiative to win, you will win. And also, when like-minded people come together, anything is possible.